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We’re all about giving you the tools to create your own financial future. It starts with using your IRA savings to invest in what you want. Drop us a line with questions or ways we can improve.

Alto® Alternative IRA

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We believe your retirement money shouldn’t just wait around. By playing a more active role today, you can grow your returns for the years to come. We’re on a mission to create a new IRA platform built on transparency and education. If you don’t feel empowered to take control, we haven’t done our job.

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Our story

Alto began with a simple question: Can I make an alternative asset investment using my IRA money? Eric Satz—entrepreneur, serial investor, lover of hot peppers—found the answer was yes, but the process was anything but easy. Research, paperwork, navigating risk committees with ever-changing processes, waiting six weeks for a single investment to clear, and (surprise!)…so many fees. Turns out, there was a clear need to give people more control of their money. In the fall of 2018, the Alto team launched a first-of-its-kind digital platform to do just that. By connecting with industry-leading investment partners, The Alternative IRA® gives everyone the flexibility to invest their retirement money in alternative assets, diversify their portfolio, and reach their financial goals.

Alternative asset investing, for everyone.

We started this journey to break down barriers. The old way to invest with your IRA wasn’t for everyone — so we changed it. Our community is built on the promise that no matter your expertise, you’ll be ready to start investing in no time.

Word on the street.

I’ve experienced another SD IRA platform (and have looked at others). Alto’s fee structure and ease of use seem superior, and it should appeal to broad demographics.
Great experience investing in startups via AltoIRA (simple, transparent pricing); exciting future for platforms enabling investment flexibility with SD-IRA.
I love the idea of adding alternative investments to my portfolio. But investing in fine art is also more fun than I thought; I’m really enjoying exploring this new world.