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The Alternative IRA®

Your savings should do more than just sit there.
Now anyone can invest their retirement funds in alternative assets. Just think of it as a simple way to maximize returns (with an added tax advantage).
Alto CryptoIRA™

How Alto works:

Create your account

1 Get started with an Alto IRA or CryptoIRA to trade on Coinbase.

Select your IRA type

2 Every IRA has a tax advantage. Choose from traditional, Roth, or SEP.

Fund your account

3 Transfer funds from an existing retirement account, or cash from a bank account.

Start investing

4 Not a VC? Not a problem. Get access to our network of 75+ partners.

Choose what to invest in.

Alto offers a wide range of alternative assets so you can easily diversify your portfolio, all in one place. Fine art, venture capital, startups, real estate, land, and more. Interested in something specific? You can even sponsor your own deal.

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Bring on the tax benefits.

Growing your money doesn’t need to be taxing. Choose which IRA type works best for your tax situation to increase your return on investments. With a traditional and SEP, you pay no taxes until you take a distribution, and with a Roth IRA, you pay no taxes on gains.1

Two options, no hidden fees.

We believe in equal pricing for everyone, whether you’re investing hundreds or thousands.


Invest with 75+ partners—or bring your own deal.
Or $250/year (get two months free!)


Invest with 75+ partners.
Or $100/year (get two months free!)

What our customers say...


The Alternative IRA® from Alto is an individual retirement account that gives investors the freedom to invest in alternative assets like startups, private companies, real estate, loans, and cryptocurrencies using the Alto platform. You can invest in your own alternative asset opportunity, or find one using Alto’s investment partners.

We’ve built an easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience. Our pricing is simple: we have no hidden fees. We’ve moved the entire process online and include the counterparty in the transaction process—saving you the burden of massive amounts of paperwork.

The Alto IRA puts the investor in the driver’s seat of their retirement account, allowing them to select the investments they want while maintaining the same tax-advantages as other IRA accounts.

There is no legal distinction between a traditional IRA and a self-directed IRA. While traditional, Roth, SEP, and other IRAs can all be “self-directed” (meaning you choose what to invest in), most brokerages and custodians don’t allow investments in unregistered securities, frequently referred to as “alternative assets.” With The Alternative IRA®, Alto investors have the control and flexibility to invest their IRA in assets uniquely suited to long-term investing—like startups, real estate, and more.